How Does A Professional Pianist Get Ready For A Concert?

The job of a professional is to make something look easy. For example, when you watch your favorite movie, you probably think it doesn’t take too much to act. It’s fun, and you just have to pretend to be somebody else. What can be so challenging about that?

But it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference. Everything that is running in the background, and everything that happens up to the point where the director yells action, it all requires dedication, commitment, and skill. Would you still be able to act when you’ve got lines to remember, three cameras pointing at you, and a crew of twenty strange people around you, watching you as closely as you’ve ever been watched? And to top it off, every minute that passes costs thousands of dollars, meaning people get mad when you make mistakes. Can you honestly say you’ll still act as incredible as the people on the screen with all this going on?

A professional pianist does exactly the same thing. They make it look incredibly easy and brilliant at the same time. But now you want to know, how do they prepare for a concert? How do they handle the pressure of playing in front of hundreds of people who pay to see them?

Professionals Practice With Strict Dedication

Just as much as playing a brilliant piece on the piano requires talent, skill is just as important. And the only way to gain that skill is by practicing. In fact, for a professional pianist preparing for a concert, there is no such thing as talent. Instead, there is honing of skills, which he or she will rely on to wow his or her audience.

In other words, a professional pianist will spend a lot of time practicing the set music for the concert up to the point where they know it by heart.

They Practice Some More

That’s right, a professional pianist getting ready for a concert will literally throw themselves into a strict routine of getting everything perfect. This means after they practice, they will most likely practice some more.

They Get Their Mind In The Right Place

Having so many strangers sit in front of you, expecting to get their minds blown and their emotions stirred, it’s a lot of pressure. And pressure leads to nerves, which can cause mistakes.

The nerves to perform will never go away, and it is also what makes performing so amazing from a musician point of way. But every pianist will have their way of dealing with the nerves. And more often than not, they remind themselves of the practice and work they’ve put in.

They Try To Channel The Music

An audience can tell when a musician isn’t connecting with the music. For a professional pianist, there always needs to be a connection. Before a concert, they will go through a process where connecting with the music is more important than playing it flawlessly. Because they know if they are not able to feel the melody, how can they project it onto an audience?